Daddy's Sissy Wife


The Unconfimred Biography of The Sissy Veronica Vayne

I Tried On Dresses Again Today

Well I did it again.  After last time I promised myself I would never do it ever again.  But today I once again when to Christina’s closet and tried on some of her dresses.  So that is like half a […]

Why I Married Barry

I had just turned twenty four when on a visit to my doctor I got about the worse news any young person can receive. I will not say I sank into depression, but emotionally the next few weeks were challenging […]

Barry Loves Getting Pegged

Sometimes it feels as though two people, a man and a woman, simply are fated to be together as man and a wife. Barry and I had dated briefly while we were in high school. It never got very serious […]

I Deceive Barry About My Pregnancy

I did not tell Barry when I stopped using birth control. When I first learned that I was pregnant, I did not share the news with Barry.  The day I went for my sonogram and first learned that I was […]

I Give Birth To A Son. A Son!!!!!

Several months ago when I first convinced my doctor to help me deceive Barry, he had suggested it was not a healthy choice for me.  He suggested that it was not about the lies I would tell my husband, but […]

Veronica’s Second Birthday

Well Barry was not happy when he saw the birthday cake nor when I shared that I had bought Veronica a new dress for her party. For the umpteenth time, he argued that it was time to give up this […]

Veronica Turns Three Years Old

Barry was not happy with me when he saw that I had baked two cakes for Veronica’s birthday. Or I guess to be a bit more specific I had baked one cake for Veronica and another cake for Glen. I […]